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As an artist, I spent many hours painting during my spare time. My teenage daughters would watch me and wish that they had a creative side too. My first experience guiding them through doing a painting was when the idea of SmashArt was born. As teenagers they wanted the flexibility to paint their way, with no rules, and they loved it.


The idea of SmashArt resonated with me and was conceptualised when I attended a bridal shower and realised the need for something new. As an artist I knew that bringing art to people in a fun and interactive way was a possibility. Thus SmashArt as a business was born. The idea generated much excitement and a commitment from my daughters.  As a mother and daughter team we were driven to getting the business going and making it successful.


We wanted to do things differently, our concept of paint it, smash it or splash it would give people the freedom to choose how and what to paint.


Our business started with the primary focus on bridal showers. The response to this was phenomenal. Our company expanded to include private functions such as baby showers, corporate team events and painting events at restaurants. We love what we do and derive much joy from having people attend a SmashArt experience and loving every minute of it. 


We hope that when you slip on an apron, pick up a paintbrush and scoop up some paint at one of our events, you will let your imagination take you on a journey of creativity and enjoyment .

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