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As a venue for a Smashart Painting Events, you enjoy the benefit of promoting your restaurant as well as having  new customers coming into your restaurant every week.




Let’s get creative together!


  • We will bring 15 - 30 customers into your restaurant during your quietest times.

  • Our event lasts two hours and customers will be encouraged to order drinks and food during this time. 

  • We can partner with you to be as creative as you choose to be. Such as, creating a set menu or special offers for menu items.

  • Try us once, if it works for you, we can arrange to paint it and smash it each week



    What you need to do to Paint it, Splash it, and Smash it with us.


  • Chairs placed around tables with a comfortable space between each person.

  • Tables need to be clear as we bring our own tablecloths, easels, canvas and paint.

     Don’t stress about the mess, we use non-toxic acrylic paint that washes off easily.



     Leave the rest to us


  • We will promote the event for 4-6 weeks prior to the date agreed upon with you.

  • Posters for display as well as advertising on our website and social media pages.

  • A link to your restaurant.

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